Vienna 22 giugno - 23 ottobre 2011

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Le Surréalisme, c’est moi!
Hommage to Salvador Dalí
KUNSTHALLE wien, hall 2,
June 22th - October 23th, 2011

Even today, Salvador Dalí’s creative output as an artist, his experimental films, and his unmistakable style of painting exert an inspiring fascination on artists up to the present day. By the early 1930s, Dalí had found his medium and his distinctive painting style. The world of the unconscious and of dreams, melting watches and endless, expansive landscapes, bathed in a cool sunshine, are his recognisable motifs. Dalí’s virtuoso technique allowed him to paint his pictures in a style reminiscent, at the same time, of the old masters and the photo-realism of today. The exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien presents Salvador Dalí together with works by Louise Bourgeois, Glenn Brown, Markus Schinwald and Francesco Vezzoli

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